Muscular She-Beast (With Extra Videos)

Muscular She-Beast (With Extra Videos)

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Muscular She-Beast (With Extra Videos)

3 Videos

  • Muscular She-Beast

    Maddy just arrived home from work and she’s looking for her pills that will keep her from transforming but can’t find it. She’s feeling very frustrated and breathing heavily till the transformation begins. Growing out of her shirt and her eyes change into wolf eyes, long fangs grow in her mouth h...

  • Muscle Maddy: Pump and Flex

    Watch Maddy shows off her muscular physique as she poses and flexes. Also see how powerful, tight and muscular her biceps and abs are in full beast mode.

  • Muscular She-Beast - Behind The Scenes

    Get behind the scenes with Muscle Maddy in her first video shoot as she transforms into a powerful Muscular She-Beast!