Titles Available for Purchase

  • Crystal Nails - Partial She-Beast

    3 videos  |  Rent $15.99

    Crystal was escaping from the lab in the woods till she starts to feel strange and begins a painful transformation into a partial she-beast with her long nails growing, eyes change and fangs. Watch Crystal shows off her long nails scratching, clicking and tapping and muscular her biceps.

  • Muscular She-Beast (With Extra Videos)

    3 videos  |  Rent $20.99

    Maddy just arrived home from work and she’s looking for her pills that will keep her from transforming but can’t find it. She’s feeling very frustrated and breathing heavily till the transformation begins. Growing out of her shirt and her eyes change into wolf eyes, long fangs grow in her mouth h...

  • Werewolf Girl with Long Neon Nails

    4 videos  |  Rent $15.99

    Video collection of Werewolf Girl Transformation with Long Neon Nails, Werewolf Girl with Long Neon Nails and Werewolf Girl with Long Clicking Nails plus a behind the scenes footage.

  • Beastly: Unleashed

    2 videos  |  Rent $7.99

    A woman, possessed by a symbolic charm, gains super creatural powers. She gradually accepts the charm's fate and transform mystically and viciously into semi beastly nature and then a full blown she-beast.