Watch this video and more on Were-Creature Videos

Watch this video and more on Were-Creature Videos

She-Wolf Partial Transformation

Transformations – 7m 17s

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  • A Swallow Starts the Transformation

    Katherine takes a break from her scrubbing to take a drink. Suddenly, she begins to gag and transform. Her eyes glow red, claws rip out of her gloves, and she tears her shirt to pieces. Her long, brown hair frames the face of an animalistic, partially transformed she-wolf. What was in Katherine's...

  • Double Trouble Transformation

    From the unsuspecting chef who finds that preparing her steak dinner brings out the beast, to the special delivery which delivers more than any customer expected... This transformation package doses you with double the trouble and twice the beauty. Unwrap it with caution, if you dare.

  • Irresistible She-Wolf Transformation

    Katherine is haunted by previous transformations as she sits and stares at the elixir she created. The memories are terrifying, but tempting. She wants to drink and transform again, but fights the urge. The desire is too strong. She drinks and its effects begin. Sweat pours down her forehead. She...