Watch this video and more on Were-Creature Videos

Watch this video and more on Were-Creature Videos

Irresistible She-Wolf Transformation

Transformations – 7m 7s

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  • Foot Fiend Transformation

    Angelica watches a television program of female bare feet. She's subjected to a strange lotion and she begins to squirm. She's hypnotised by her feet, eyes changing, tongue dangling, toes twitching. Eventually her hands and ultimately her feet grow nails and hair.

  • Beautiful Beast

    When an armed agent arrives to retrieve the formula, our beautiful beast reveals that she no victim. Her eyes transform with rage and when she goes gorgeous green, she snaps more than his weapon in half as her clothing hangs in tatters. In the end, just another day on the her fucking bu...

  • Lunar Luperca

    The lovely lunar Luperca takes a phone call during the transformation, hanging up on her contact before her claws and fangs come out. Her shoulders shape shift and her shirt rips off when she goes into full she-beast mode, howling at the moon as she takes a chunk out of her unsuspecting prey.