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  • She-Wolf Howler

    The stunning Katherine Black adjusts to her new eyes and claws, as she rips off her shirt to make way for flexing muscles and growing fangs. Howling at the moon and growling with tongue flicking, she reveals the lovely power of her transformation.

  • She-Wolf: Come Hither

    Looking deep into her golden eyes, there is no denying this she-wolf of what she desires. Flexing her brawn and blowing fanged kisses is just her way of toying with her prey.

  • Gorgeous Gold She-Beast

    Check out this gorgeous, golden-blonde cutie as she pumps iron, hisses and growls with a teaser that leaves you begging to be between her fangs again.

  • Alpha-Wolf Arm-Wrestling

    Nobody beats the Alpha Wolf, not even the producer, because we're only human.

  • Iron Idol

    Pumping iron and flexing, Nancy Disipline shows you how she works out to keep her gym-goddess physique. From violet eyes to coral claws and fangtastic facials, this iron idol will leave you begging to be in her clutches again.

  • Backstage with CJ

    Join the after party with Courtney Jacoby as she shows off her werewolf fangs and eyes in full costume. As the story books say, "The better to see and eat you with, my dear," for she is the second alpha in our pack.